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Daniel Pérez



My personal target is to enjoy the process.
From the idea to the final sculpture


daniel perezWhen did you start carving? How did you get on this way?
I started working as sculptor in 2005. Since that time, I’ve been creating sculptures in different materials (stone, wood, iron…) but I admit that the stone is my favorite one. My passion started by accident: At some point in my life I realized that I wasn’t born to be a draftsman, so I left my studies and I decided to come back to the Art School; where I previously studied. They offered to enroll a Sculpture Technician course, and that’s how my passion started.

Is it as you wished or it’s different? Are you satisfied or is not exactly what you were looking-for?
Nobody knows how it is a profession until you are part of it. In consequence, I didn’t know what to expect from this profession. There are so many ways to work as sculptor, and many of those ways appear on the way. I’m satisfied because it allows to me to do what I really want. As any other profession, there are some difficult times but you learn how to deal with the unsteadiness sculptor’s life.

What does it means carving for you?
It is a dialogue. When you understand how is the internal structure of a stone, you will learn that you won't own the whole design or idea. It is freedom, with some ups and downs. I’ve never created a sculpture without sweating or having a headache but I know that at the end, I'll show up a big smile thanks to the result.

Who would you like to be (or become, one day)?
Day by day, and with hard work I’m becoming who I want to be. That it doesn’t mean I will know where I would be in 5 months… I keep working and building my future.

What would you like to carve? Do you have in mind any… „life opera” or something like this?
I have many sketches or ideas which I would like to sculpt. I try to do my best in every sculpture and, after I finish, I look forward to the next project. To me, the idea of creating a „masterpiece” means that after that, you have nothing better to do in the future.

chipul poetuluiWhich is the effect you want to get from someone who looks at one of your sculptures: you want to please him, to shake him, to move him, to thrill him? Or what else?
In my current works, I’m playing with the idea of the „fragments”. I create a switch, by making a tridimensional representation of a human face’s fragment. It's an invitation to the viewers to use their personal background, memories and thoughts and link them to the sculpture I've made. It's almost impossible to guess their feelings because can be even sadness, happiness or any other feeling. I just pretend to create an starting point for those thoughts.

Is always there an starting ideea? Or should I say a target: „That’s where I want to reach”? Could happen to reach somewhere else?
My personal target is to enjoy the process. From the idea to the final sculpture. I guess you can use that as a good philosophy of living.

The inspiration comes when it wants or when you want?
The inspiration doesn’t come by itself. That’s why I consider it part of the process. If you are involved in some research of creation process, at some point, those scattered images, texts or thoughts, will connected and generate an idea. If you want something, you have to work hard on it.

The lonely artist? Or the sociable, the connected one?
A human being, like everybody else. The same complexity and simplicity.

Do you believe in chance? What about marketing?
Chance is a consequence, not something you can pray for. If you have your own business, you have to get known. That is vital. You have to show what you can do and the marketing can help with this aim. There are too many artists in the world that you must to be visible.

Does it matter the quantity, too? The plenty of final works?
No. I want to make sculptures which I consider worth to be done, not just filling the world with meaningless works.

What artists do you like? (Visual or any others arts)
I think is necessary to feed our minds with knowledge in many different subjects. There are some artists with, at some point, you feel closer to. At that moment now, I can name Manzú, Brâncuºi, Barbara Hepworth, Serra, Ruckriem…


Interview by Cornel Mihai Ungureanu


Daniel Perez (www.danielperezescultura.com) este unul dintre sculptorii invitati la Simpozionul International de Sculpturã "Drumuri Brâncușiene" Craiova, 2016, unde a realizat lucrarea "Chipul fragmentat al poetului", pe care o puteti vedea în imaginea de mai sus. 


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